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Greater Green 

"Athena Hack 2021- Circular Sustainability"

Greater Green is a mobile app designed to tackle restaurant food waste by connecting restaurants to local feeding banks. 

My Role:

 UI/UX Designer 


April 16-April 18, 2021


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator


Lo-Fi Sketches,High Fidelity Screens, Prototype 

type of donation.png

The Goals

Reduce Restaurant Food Waste

Food waste can be reduced as the food can be redirected to other organizations for free, or at a significantly pre-agreed reduced rate

Eliminate local food insecurity

By redistributing edible food, whose who need it will have better access to food

Reducing carbon footprint

Global food waste accounts for 8% of global emissions. Restaurants monitor which foods they often have an excess of, and reduce orders, thereby reducing the impact on the environment.


The Solution

To create an app that will allow restaurants to control and monitor their level of food waste while also donating to local organizations that are in need of food donations and reducing their carbon footprint. 

Using Greater Green users will be able to monitor food waste analytics, schedule pick-ups, and drop-offs, and connect with drivers in real-time while en route to pick up food donations. 

The Design

Lo-Fi Sketches 

In order to quickly establish a user flow, I created lo-fi sketches to walk my team through the user's journey through the application.  

20210416_214548 (1).jpg

Hi-Fi Screens 

The paper sketches were used to create high-fidelity screens that would be used in the prototype. 

restaurant in route.png
calendar selection.png
past pickup view.png
nearest kitchens (2).png


The color palette was selected to reflect colors found in nature. The orange is reflective of the energy of the sun, while the green, blue, and custard tan color represent the trees, water, and land. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 12.39 1.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 12.39 1.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 12.39 1.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-17 at 12.39 1.png



Nunito Black

The United States wastes 30-40 percent of its food supply each year.


Poppins Medium.png
The annual food waste in America has an


Poppins Extra Light

54 million people are food insecure. 8 million of those individuals are children.

UI Elements

hospitality kitchen.png
Group 105 (1).png
Group 107 (1).png
Group 95.png
Group 109.png
Group 110.png

Buttons & Iconography

Group 113.png
Group 71.png
Group 112 (1).png
Group 94.png
Group 100.png
Frame 44.png
Bottom Nav.png

The Prototype

User Friendly Interface

The minimalistic design makes Greater Good user-friendly and easy for users to conveniently schedule pickups for donations.

Real-Time GPS

Real-time GPS keeps drivers and restaurant owners on track for scheduled pick-up days. 

User Analytics for Business Management

Live analytics allows business users to see if their current ordering habits are aligned with the amount of food being utilized. This will help restaurants to limit over-ordering, reduce cost, and lower their carbon footprint. (34).gif
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