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Style Tiles

User Interviews

Desktop Hi-Fi

Mobile Prototype


UI/UX Designer


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To create an intuitive platform for gathering and synthesizing customer feedback to provide unbiased insights for retail management. The information gathered can be used to leverage employee training.

During this project, I worked on a team of three designers. We collaborated on the initial competitive research and individually moved forward with our tablet and mobile designs. our team was provided two user personas that were both in need of a way to manage employee and store performance.

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Victoria Ryan

Victoria is a regional manager looking to create a benchmark for her store’s performance and pinpoint weaknesses.



Ellipse 1.png

Jackie is a boutique manager looking for a glanceable way to view employee and store performance and create actionable steps to measure customer feedback

Jackie Winters

Taking A Look At Our Competitors

What Our Competitors Did Well

Clear and concise data visuals

Fully customizable interface and tagging system

Data modules are large and colorful & easy to quickly reference

Provides great tools to maximize productivity and assess what task should be prioritized and provide employee feedback and insights

Before starting the ideation process we wanted to ensure each of our designs adhered to specific design principles:


We began the ideation process by creating three divergent style tiles per member and voted on each tile to determine which three we would use for desirability testing.

Artboard 1.png

see all style tiles

Out of the three style tiles I created, The Human Experience style tile received the majority share of votes and was used for desirability testing.


Both tablet and mobile app wireframes were provided to our team. Each member designed high fidelity screens based on wireframes and tester feedback from the style tiles.

High Fidelity Screens

User Feedback- Desirability Testing

As a team we synthesize the feedback and concluded with a set of takeaways:

As a team we synthesize the feedback and concluded with a set of takeaways:

Mobile App

To create more balance I narrowed down the color palette to four colors.

I created more realistic graphs by adding more details and color-coded indicators making the information glanceable and efficient.

I added simple animations that made sense and allowed the users to see that their task was successfully completed.

To create more depth and vibrancy to colors used on graphs and charts, I decided to make the background a deep blue.

Mobile App Takeaways 

Participants noted that T.E.D. felt very user friendly, intuitive, and fun which is not common for work-related platforms. They enjoyed the more focused approach to the color palette and more in-depth details on the charts and graphs. The integration of simplistic yet fun animations made the app approachable and overall users responded positively to the mobile app.

Next Steps

Future iterations will be made to the tablet version of TED to resemable the mobile app version.

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